Trent J Gourmet

Trent Johnson, the owner and executive chef of Trent J Gourmet, LLC. is a Dallas native, and proud PVAMU alum. His journey into culinary expression started years ago with a health scare that prompted him to venture into nutrition and to harness the power of food to literally save his life.

After trying his hand at a meal prep business, and losing the artistic passion he had for cooking, he decided it was time to do something more suited for his personality, and ‘experience’ he wanted to bring to his clients. Taking some years off, he began traveling abroad and taking cooking classes in the countries he visited to learn more about techniques, local ingredients, and staple dishes, a priority that he still does today!

In December of 2018, Trent J Gourmet was relaunched as a Private Chef & Boutique Catering business; with the mission of taking his clients on a food journey with a mix of authenticity and excellence.

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